REPOST: Fireworks Illegal and Dangerous, Warns MV Law Enforcement

City encourages residents to attend the free 4th of July public fireworks display at Shoreline Amphitheatre.

On the Fourth of July, people hit the beach, fire up the barbecue and then head to their local town center to watch the fireworks display. This last activity could help save your life and property.

On July 4th, the City of Mountain celebrates the holiday with a fireworks display at specifically designed to safely celebrate Independence Day, according to spokeswoman Jaime Garrett.

"Burn injuries and sometimes death may come to those who use any form of fireworks," Garrett said. "Also, many residential structures fires have been attributed to persons using 'Safe and Sane' and 'dangerous' fireworks."

Only fireworks that remain on the ground or can be handheld have been deemed "safe and sane" by the state of California and may be permitted and sold in certain cities like Gilroy—but not in Mountain View where all forms of fireworks are strictly prohibited.

"We want people to have fun during this holiday, but we also want people to be safe," said Liz Wylie, spokeswoman for the . "We take possession of illegal fireworks very seriously and will issue citations or arrest people as appropriate."

Wylie added that possession of illegal fireworks is a misdemeanor. 

In addition to the criminal charge, Garrett explained, a person who because of the use of fireworks–legal or illegal–causes any property damage, bodily injury, medical and will be held responsible for associated costs, even the cost to suppress the fire.

"Illegal fireworks are dangerous," said Wylie. "They are illegal for a very good reason."


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