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129th Rescue Wing - State of California Air National Guard
284 Moffett Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043
The State of California has seven Air National Guard units and Mountain View's Moffett Field is the home to the 129thMore Rescue Wing. The recruitment office is on Moffett Boulevard. The Air National Guard, like the National Guard, are state militias under the command of the state governor that can be called to active duty in case of domestic emergencies like forest fires and earthquakes to provide support and deliver critical supplies to communities.
Moffett Field Historical Society Museum
S Akron Rd & Severyns Ave, Mountain View, CA 94035
The Moffett Field Historical Society Museum offers educational information and historical exhibits about Moffett Field.More It focuses on the role it has played in the aviation field and our country's national defense. The exhibits are organized by historical era. Some of these exhibits are the Army Air Corps, World War II, Cold War Patrol and NASA. Exhibit guides are available to museum patrons during visits. This is an optional service and it is requested to call ahead to have a guide while at the museum. There are also aircraft displays at the musem for visitors to see. There is an AV-8A Harrier cockpit that has been refurbished and is on display. Other display projects are in progress including the AH-IS Cobra helicopter, a NASA TF-104G Star fighter, a NASA U-2C and a P2V Neptune. There is a gift shop at the museum that offers toys, historic models and kits, clothing, books, videos, hats, photos, and other items for purchase.
NASA Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, Mountain View, CA 94035
The NASA Ames Research Center conducts world-class research and development, employing more than 2,000 employees. ThisMore is one of 10 field centers of NASA. Through research, it provides advancements in astrobiology, small satellite programs, next-generation aviation improvements, airborne science and more. The center's director is Simon Worden.
Crittenden Middle School
1701 Rock St, Mountain View, CA 94043

One of two middle schools part of the Mountain View Whisman School District, Crittenden Middle School enrolls aboutMore 580 students and aims to prepare them with the academic and social tools they need to be successful high school students.

The teachers at Crittenden Middle School work hard to use the school's diversity to engage students and parents. Close to 25 percent of students have an affilitiation with one of the Armed Forces represented on the Moffett Field base.

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