William Beare
High school correspondent William Beare has had a passion for creative writing since his early youth at Castro Elementary school, a dual emerson program where he learned to write fluently in English and Spanish. Throughout high school he challenged himself with multiple AP and Honors English courses, where he picked up his new favorite writing styles-- journalism and satire. Now in his senior year at Mountain View High School, he applies his writing skills to the field of journalism as an editor of the student newspaper, and as a freelancer for Patch. In his free time he still has a fondness for narrative writing, and has written many short stories. His cretive writing influences range from Kurt Vonnegut to David Sedaris, with many others in between.  Outside of the world of liberal arts William has earned a second degree black belt in mixed martial arts,  is a tutor for freshman AVID students, and helps to run the newly formed peer counseling department at MVHS. 
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